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  AKWhatsApp update v5.00 with great features, attractive shape, distinctive additions, and solving all problems and collapses

 An important note when updating WhatsApp, do not delete the existing WhatsApp with you and install the updater in order not to lose the conversation
 Instead, download and install the updater directly without deleting the previous one

 Additions: -

 It is based on the copy of the market, the base of WhatsApp
 [Addition] Self-message disappearing option.
 [Add] a circle next to the name on the main page to see who is online now.
 [ADD] Added a blue tick when replying to groups (it is automatically enabled with a regular blue tick in the reply option).
 [Addition] Activate the theme via the ZIP file.
 [Add] Copy part of the text via the selection on the desired message, then Options, then copy part of the text.
 [Addition] Advanced Search {You can search on a quiz by searching for (picture’moving, video’Document’ Links’tound)}.
 [Add] Option inside archived messages to show new archived messages inside archived message list.
 [Add] long click on the story content to copy the content.

 Fixes: -

 [Fix] All sudden app crashes.
 [Fix] problem A sudden crash of WhatsApp.
 [Repair] all problems, God willing.
 The most prominent advantages of the previous update: -
 [Advantage] Forward message to more than 5 people.
 [ADD] group message for groups.
 [ADD] Notice who viewed your status.
 [Added] feature to display group sent messages for each member.
 [Add] The creator feature from the main screen appears @ If someone refers to you or responds to your message in a group, the @ appears on the main screen.
 [Addition] Auto reply feature.
 [Addition] feature of scheduled messages.
 [Addition] The VPN proxy breaker feature for countries where connection via WhatsApp is banned. You can activate the VPN and connect with ease.
 [Addition] the effects feature in whatsapp, home screen effects and chat scrolling.
 [Addition] feature to change the stay period and location of a notification (see your status / change his personal picture) either above, in the middle or at the bottom of the screen.
 [Addition] feature to change the font color and background of a notification (see your status / change his profile picture).
 [Addition] The advantage of knowing the person supervising the group by displaying the word supervisor next to his number in the conversation screen.
 [Addition] An item to clear WhatsApp remnants as it was in the old format and add all the old design items.
 [Add] feature to choose the status that you want the other person to know that you have seen it.
 [Addition] An exclusive feature to change the background color of the status, change the color of the status, and add new lines to the status and ready-made styles for the status.

 🖇️ To download AKWhatsApp to run more than one account 🖇️

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